Every year, since 1997, Círculo Formación organises the XX International Postgraduate Studies Fair, FIEP. The prestige, quality, the number of participant Institutions and visitors, make FIEP graduate the most important postgraduate event in Spain, Portugal, Italy and 12 others countries in Latin America, and a must for any postgraduate programme applicant.

FIEP aims primarily to present, in a detailed way, the full range of masters and postgraduate studies, which are in the professional market,  available to students and professionals to complement their university education.

FIEP is the best way to promote your offer of graduate studies , in a direct and personal way, to an audience that fits perfectly your target profile.

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  • Just for registering online and attending FIEP you will take part in a Draw for 3 Círculo Formación Scholarships of 10,000 € each. This is an exclusive draw for FIEP Spain, Portugal and Italy.

  • Get access to all the Scholarships and Funding Solutions offered by the participating exhibitor institutions in all FIEP fairs………over 1,000,000€!

  • Discover the very latest novelties in postgraduate education: which programme best suits your needs, scholarships and funds, professional development, international agreements... with all the Spanish and International Universities and Business Schools.

  • Totally Free access.



(Las Becas y Ayudas ofrecidas por los Centros Expositores serán adjudicadas por los propios Centros y siguiendo los criterios que estimen oportunos)

...y muchas más durante FIEP 2018...

Postgraduate training is playing an increasingly important role in the European labour market. University graduates entering the professional world, as well as those already in employment, are aware of the growing competitiveness within the market and the need to differentiate themselves beyond the knowledge and skills acquired at University. 

Visitors attending the FIEP International Postgraduate Studies Fair will receive first-hand information on the complete range of postgraduate training opportunities at information tables staffed by the admissions directors of participating business schools and institutions, who will be pleased to clarify any doubts you may have regarding your choice of institution: the type of programme that would best meet your needs, scholarships, career opportunities, financing, teaching faculty, agreements with companies, adaptation to the European Higher Education Area, etc. 

Círculo Formación strives to maintain and improve the quality of postgraduate training and, in particular, to ensure that it meets the real needs of today’s competitive job market. 

If you are worried about your professional future in the current climate of economic uncertainty, our advice is: improve your career prospects with a master's degree.

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